Andrea Ciceri

Full-stack developer


In the professional field I worked with Python (Django), JavaScript and Solidity. For personal projects I used functional languages as Haskell or Scheme, of which I love the expressiveness. As student I extensively used C, I've also have some rudiments of Java, C Sharp and PHP.


I've experience with DevOps using Git (GitHub, GitLab) and Docker. I've a long experience with POSIX systems and I'm a Nix(Os) enthusiast since I love its declarativeness and reproducible builds. My appreciation of decentralized systems led me to study of Ethereum and IPFS, allowing me to work in the context of Dapps and Decentralized Finance.


I've been using GNU/Linux for years, I'm comfortable with the shell and I'm used to customize my environment for greater efficiency. Moreover I extensively use Emacs, not just as a text editor. Other softwares I've dealt with in the past, in no particular order, includes Gimp, Blender, Matlab, LaTeX, MySQL, SQLite, ANTLR and Arduino.



Currently working as software developer at BeatData, more info here:

Lunik Cineforum

I hold the role of vicepresident in the Lunik Cineforum association, a local cineforum. I'm also the technical manager and the creator of the website:

Cooperativa Edificatrice Cernuschese

I'm a member of the Board of Directors of a local building cooperative, in addition to carrying out the most disparate tasks I'm also the tecnical manager and the creator of the website:


I took part in an internship lasting one month at Playground ( where I started to approach the web developement.

I took part in this internship at (, the "Ireland's oldest independent service provider", where I developed a web scraping bot. Duration of the experience: two weeks.


Currently I'm a math student at the University of Milan, futhermore I've an high school diploma in information technology and telecommunications.


Materia DeX

An open source and innovative Decentralized Exchange living on Ethereum, I mainly wrote the Solidity contracts and helped with the frontend integration.

Cooper algorithm

Implemented in C as future part of MCMT, a model checker for infinite state systems based on the integration of Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) solving and backward reachability.

LOGO interpreter

Simple proof of concept for an University course, written in Python.

BrainFuck compiler

Realized as divertissement, this small and naive compiler is written in Python. It parses the BrainFuck estoric language generating valid Python bytecode. Here the Gist:

My blog

A simple container for my thoughts and experiments, having no requirements I have the maximum freedom in the technologic choises. The contents are versioned using Git and the generation is done using Haskell and Nix. Here the GitHub repository:


As person who studied math and computer science I enjoy analyzing and formalizing problems and puzzles looking for optimal solutions, this applies to every aspect of my life, even my personal life. When I was younger I studied music, and even if now only as a listener, I continue to marvel at its expressive possibilities in all its genres. I made this interest collide with my attitude tried programming simple sequencers and synthesizers. I'm fond of science fiction books but sometimes I also enjoy the great classics, I also like Cinema. It's been a few years that I run and I've even partecipated in some races, I think that devote few hours a week to my pshysical well-being allows for a greater mental efficiency.